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    Hello all...

    I am using the BT HBH 662 with my Treo 650 and would like to know if I can do a voice dialing off of my 662. Is there a software require for this feature? I read both manuals on the 662 as well as the Treo about this feature and find no help at all, so I thought some experts in this forum can educate me about this.

    Thank you all - Nicholas
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    i researched this when i got my 662 and the answer was you can do is engage the treo by pressing the button on the 662...then speak into the mic of the treo...i find in my car if its sitting on my vent mount its within range of my voice...i have to reach up and press the button to activate voice input (i'm evaluating Initiate currently) but i'm sure with the right app if you set it as the startup app it will turn on and await your command - ie, press the button on the 662, treo lights up, speak...away you go!

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