I have been a Chatter user for over a year with AOL imap.

I am trying to find a good way to delete aol mail (so it does not show up in the mailbox views in Chatter) yet still have some access to it for a couple days in case I wish to go back and view it.

I have tried to set up a new mailbox such as "partial delete" etc. and tell the Treo to automatically send deleted mail there. That works ok but then when I go to delete the mail from the "partial delete" mail box, aol throws it back into the regular mail box and it is a continual cycle.

It would be great if I could could have access to choose in Chatter the mail box " Recently Deleted Mail" that I have in aol on my PC, but this is not one of the choices in "setup mailbox" in Chatter.

Any ideas?