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    Where do you keep your BT headset when you're not using it? In your shirt pocket? Do you have a holster for the headset? Or do you just leave it hanging on/around your ear?

    Just wonderin'
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    One in my purse, one in the truck.
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    One each in center console of my truck and wifes car
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    at home in a desk drawer cause it does not work!

    OK, sorry for the rant - gotta get another one. Typically, in my shirt pocket - or even my pants pocket. I see some folks carrying it on a lanyard around their neck. That seems to almost defeat the purpose, IMO.
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    :-) Mine has a mount that I have on the dashboard in the truck....
    when i get in to drive i can just push a button, answer, then pull it out of the the time i get it to me ear the call has transferred to the headset
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    Center console of my car. I only use it while driving.
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    Mostly on the ear when I am not at work. I am always on the phone on weekends and nights. I have no landline.

    Otherwise, pants pocket near the phone or near the cradle on the desk.
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    Same place I keep my TomTom BT GPS reciever, the map pocket. I also have a Moto hands free speaker on the the boat.
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    Plantronics makes a holster for the Voyager 510 and that's where I keep my Voyager 510 when I'm not using it.
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    Either in its holster thats made for a vent in the car or, mine has a thin ear piece thats thin enough to wrap around a shirt button on my dress shirt.

    My tie hides it well enough.

    Its a Sony DRBT-101
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    I keep it in my briefcase or in my pants pocket until I need it.
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    Milante makes a nice pouch that fits a lot of the smaller headsets.
    Also, the Plantronics Discover 640 is equipped with its own special docking/charging cradle that doubles as a holster.
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    It hardly leaves the car. The location ranges from a cup holder, to the glasses compartment above the rear view mirror to tooked on the Treo antenna via the ear loop.
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    Thanks guys. I'm just curious how y'all keep the headsets when not in use. I see some poeple just wearing their headsets on their ears, like a high-tech earring or something :-)

    If you put it in your pocket, does it collect lint?
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    round my neck, HBH-660
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    center console in my car. I could not bear to keep it on my ear at all time!!!!!
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    Using the 'ear clip' part of my Logitech Mobile Pro I keep mine clipped on the sun visor in my car.

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    I use the Jabra BT500 and its shape is perfect for looping around a button on my collared pullover shirts I generally wear. Or, if wearing a tshirt, it loops perfectly in the collar with only the ear piece sticking out.
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    HBH-608. On a lanyard round my neck.
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    That's a good idea to loop it around a button on a shirt. I think I'm going to follow your idea :-) BTW, could you give us a pic? Again, that is a good idea.
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