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    I have the very light Discovery 640.It either stays in my ear, or I put it in my front pants pocket inside of the pen-like holster/charger that comes with it. Someday these things are going to be implants in your head, and run off of the energy generated by your body ( like in the matrix ).
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    What ChickenHawk said: Logitech Mobile Pro clipped to the sun visor in my car.

    On the rare occasions I carry it around, I clip it either to my belt or my pocket, right next to my Treo. This "clipability" is one of my favorite features of the Mobile Pro.
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    M SE 662 stays on my ear. I find almost all SE headsets very light and comfortable, like wearing glasses really. I tend to forget that it exists and remember when it rings!
    Sure I may look weird to others at first, but they move on.
    Anyway, SE sets actually look good and you can wear them, unlike other sets that look like an alien manifested itself in your ear, complete with xenon like flashing LED!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thumb-tied
    That's a good idea to loop it around a button on a shirt. I think I'm going to follow your idea :-) BTW, could you give us a pic? Again, that is a good idea.
    Here's a pic of my BT500 looped around a button.
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    Mine is strictly for hands free use in the car. It stays in the cubby hole right under the radio in the dash.


    Open door.
    Sit behind the wheel.
    Plug Treo into car charger.
    Activate Treo BT ear piece.
    Place on ear.
    Put seat belt on.
    Check Mirrors.
    Start car.
    Check Mirrors again.
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