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    After wrestling with my unlocked Treo 650 one too many times -- resets and trying to make it talk to the Exchange Server at work, mostly -- I went Blackberry. Well, first I tried the MDA and returned it.

    The BB doesn't crash. Let's just say that otherwise my enthusiasm for the BB is in the "Damned with Faint Praise" department. Did I say it doesn't crash?

    Last night I introduced my complete non-tech wife to my unlocked Treo 650 and she LOVED it. And I got to see (again) what I like so much about the Treo -- the screen, the sheer usability of it. Look. My wife couldn't even figure out how to retrieve email on her generic Motorola flip phone until I showed her how it worked. And she was off and running with the Treo -- putting names in Contacts, putting stuff in the Calendar, using the Task list.

    Sigh. Did I say the BB doesn't crash? And yes it sucks my corporate email from the Exchange Server to itself (or rather the reverse -- my Exchange Server barfs it forward to the BB).

    (Yes, I have Chatteremail and no it wasn't the wall-to-wall solution that I wanted, unfortunately).

    I thought that the 700W might be the solution. But after my jaunt through MDA land it is really apparent that the Palm OS shows the results of tens of thousands of hours of thinking and tweaking for usability. WM5 unfortunately shows the Microsoft penchant for complexity over human-friendliness.

    If I could run my life on the Treo 650 and the Palm Desktop I would be using the Treo 650 still.

    Now I'm waiting for T-Mo to launch the BB 8700t in 10 days or so. Hoping.
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    I am using the unlocked 650 and the 8700. I must say I am over the 8700. Its the best Blackberry yet but it is still a blackberry.
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    It is amazing to me that the Treo 650 has been out well over a year, and is still the best convergence device out there.

    It is also quite stable with the latest updates. We were all just beta testers in the beginning.
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