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    What's up my fellow Treo users, I have a treo 650 with Cingular, the phone is Branded by Cingular. I unlocked the phone about a week ago i am currently running the latest version of thiers the 1b-.17-CNG. Fimware 01.51....My doubt is since my phone is unlocked can i do the upgrade of a unlocked gsm which is 1.20? . I would like to know if somebody has done it, and see how it is working on thier phone.

    Once again thanks. Carlos
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    I say if you haven't any complaints running a cing fw/sw,
    then stay w/ cing.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I see that you have a Cingular Unlocked 650 with software 1.20, how did you manage that?
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    I'm staying with CNG because of the smaller ROM partition. . .
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    Tony, You can have both GSM 1.20 and the CNG small partition. You have to do an SD card ROM update with the CNG RomUpdaterApp.prc. That sets the partition. Then you can use the ROMtool to put whatever ROM you want into that space. Only thing is you have to add AMRDecLib to the ROM to get the 255 Carrier. You'll have blank cc-Cap, but that doesn't seem to matter. Check James's thread on Rom tips and tricks.

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