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    What's new in version 10.07


    Corrected problem causing a navmanager error on the alarm dialog (Tungsten T, T2, T3, and TE)
    Addressed device lockup situation occurring on Verizon and Sprint Treo 650s when during a call an Agendus alarm was triggered
    Changed the default snooze time from 10 to 3 minutes
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    Already posted.... But basically they're just fixing a problem that it took them two releases to get right. Plus changing the snooze time to an absurd 3 minutes.

    They need some more damn testers but they refuse/ignore any requests.
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    Is this a known issue (or anybody else have this issue)

    Treo 650,
    Agendus 10.7

    Go into the standard contacts and pick one. Assign a picture so that the pic shows up in the CID when the phone rings.
    Now, go into Agendus and find the same contact. Assign a picture for that contact.
    Now go back to the standard contact app. The previously assigned pic is gone (it's no longer unassigned) and no picutre shows up in the phone CID. You MUST assign the picture in the standard contacts app AFTER you make any changes to the same contact in Agendus. Seems like a bug to me. They shouldn't be trashing my contact info in the standard or extended contacts database.

    (Of course, I think that Iambic claims that their pictures work for CID, but I've never gotten that to work. Does it only work if you dial OUT from agendus to a contact that has an Agendus assigned photo? Seems silly to me)
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    Assign them in the regular Contacts program. It's flakey from within Agendus, plus it stores them all in ram one image per file.
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    The really "unpleasant" thing about it is, you only have to change "ANY" field in Agendus and it will wipe out the built-in photo association. It doesn't just occur when you assign a photo in Agendus. Really bad.

    (OK, another question for you Agendus nuts... Agendus allows you to assign ringtones per contact, but I've never gotten an individuals ringtone to actually play when that person calls in. Do you have to be IN Agendus for that to work? There is very little if any documentation that I've found about the feature.)
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    Damn, you're right.. Stupid Agendus! I'll have to see if that's been mentioned on their "support" forum.

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