I posted an issue here for my 650, but I thought I'd post my story for how I came to get my 650, as it's an interesting story, and anyone who has Cingular may be interested in knowing this as preventive medicine.

I got my Treo 600 a year ago last New Year (2004, with Cingular), and had it for a while, and then noticed that the battery was drained significantly. I read up, and from what I learned, my battery was not supposed to drain as badly as it did, so I called in for support.

I called in for support several times, but something tells me one call should have done it. One of the times I called in, the girl I spoke with was literally eating potato chips, crunching in my ear, and when I asked her “are you eating chips”?, she said “oh, sorry”, and kept on going, eating away while she was talking. I couldn’t understand her, so I hung up.

Another time I called in, this guy kept telling me to take my battery out, even after I told him what model I had 4 times already (those of you who don’t know already, the Treo 600 does not have a battery that is supposed to be taken out like the Treo 650, and you literally have to take the 600 apart, which voids your warranty, if you have one), and he kept asking me over and over again to take my battery out. Then he told me that since they did not have any 600s where he was, I would have to check at my local Cingular store. I too heed, and started calling around after I got off the phone with him, only to find that ALL Cingular retail stores no longer carried the 600, and hadn’t done so for over 6 months. Maybe something Cingular support should have known about?

After a few more calls and getting nowhere, I finally was told that I would have to call Palm for this type of support.

I called Palm, and they walked me through a few things, and explained to me about the warranty, and had I opened my phone up, it would have voided it (thanks, Cingular!), but what made matters worse was that Palm threw it back at Cingular, telling me that Cingular was under contractual obligation to take care of my issue.

I called Cingular back (a little heated, but kept to the facts), and they immediately issued me an RMA and sent me out a replacement 600.

I received my replacement 600 a few days later, followed the directions (verbatim) on returning my existing phone, and sent it off.

My replacement Treo 600 turned out to be worse than the one I sent to have replaced, as it wouldn’t hold a charge for much longer than the one I sent in, and it was acting sporadically as well, but with different problems. I began to think I was going crazy. Here I am, treating my Treo like it’s one of my kids, always keeping it protected, making sure it’s always tucked away at night and doesn’t get any dust in or on it, cleaning it very carefully, etc. Now I get one that’s even worse than the one that was malfunctioned!

Not too much later (around November/December 2005), I received a package in the mail from UPS. It was a Treo 600. I thought I won a prize or something. But then I realized, something wasn’t right. The 600 came in a box with NO padding to protect it during shipment, and there was a letter inside. Basically, the letter stated that my Treo that I returned to Cingular had various damages to it, and that I was going to be charged $450 for the device, because (in so many words), I did not tell Cingular about all of the damages to the 600 that I sent in.

I about fell out of my seat when I read this, and came to grips with this entire situation (the phone arriving at my house with no padding during shipment, and this letter that said I basically lied to Cingular about my phone, and it had bite marks on it, the screen was crushed, etc), because all of the alleged damage in this letter was false, as there was absolutely no damage to my old 600 (the one that was sent back to me)

I had just about had it with Cingular, and filed a complaint to the BBB. Within that week, I got a phone call from the office of the pres., from Cingular, apologizing for all of the trouble, and telling me that my issue was not the only one, as other people were getting their phones sent back to them in this fashion, with similar letters. Apparently there was some kind of ring within Cingular performing some serious laundering of parts and money. I was told that for confidentiality, they could not tell me the whole story, but suffice it to say, the individual who sent my old phone back to me, along with that letter, was no longer with the company.

Well, my Treo was finally out of warranty, and I had to get a battery for it and make this thing work, as I could not afford to get another. I took my phone to a guy I know who works for Cingular (ironically), who was going to replace my battery for me with one I got brand new. When he opened the case, his jaw about dropped to the ground.

What I found out was that the 600 they sent me as a replacement had literally been glued back together, and parts were missing from it. It was a wonder that this thing worked at all. My friend said he wouldn’t touch the 600 because all of the connectors used to connect the battery to the device were gone, and in their place was a bunch of glue, and putting the new battery in would require a solder job with a microscope, as the wires to connect were very small.

I contacted the office of the pres at Cingular, and the guy I normally had contact with apparently left the company, and I never heard back. Thinking this was a ploy to ignore my contacts, I filed another BBB complaint. I got a call back from another rep from that same office, again apologizing for the issue, and said he would send me out a 650 because they did not have any 600s left.

I got the 650 today, and here I am, unable to do anything with it. He also sent it w/o the SIM chip try, and I found out that the 650 and 600’s SIM chip trays –as well as the stylus – are not the same fit (go figure that Palm would cash in on this one!), so I can’t transfer my new service over w/o the tray, but I’m getting ready for when I have a tray that fits, and I ran into the issue I posted about the 650 freezing up when the AC charger is plugged into the sync cable, and here I am.

Well, I hope someone gets something from this – at least a heads up, in case they have a faulty device that they got replaced at one time or another.

Sorry this was so long, I really tried to make it the short version.