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    I just got it and I have 2 big problems.

    1. IR is very week. It's very hard to set the Treo650 on the cradle and hit the IR reciever through the mirror.

    2. Hitting DEL on the keyboard does a soft reset.

    Anyone with better experience?
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    I couldn't solve the Belkin keyboard problem so back to the store it went.

    I now have a palm universal keyboard and it works better but if I hit the driver icon i get a reset. I tried the suggestion on this thread: but it doesn't help.

    Any other ideas?
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    Finally, after going through 4 different keyboards I have found one that works well.

    I got myself the thinkoutside IR keyboard. The driver is a lot more stable and I had only one reset so far.

    The only main downside I see in this keyboard is that it has only 4 rows so no seperate numbers row.

    Sometimes you have to hit a key twice to actually get it to work but turning the key noise helps a lot.

    It folds down nice and fast but doesn't lock open like the palm keyboard.

    So I can also recommand this keyboard like others have. It was 69.95 at Fry's and I used it to write this post

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