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    Hi, I have spent hours reading forum articles. I confess to being somewhat of a forum newbie , but a Palm and Treo users for a couple of years . I have huge Exchange based email . I use folders extensively and archive out of my inbox. I use filters and truncation to cut the replication size on the Treo to a managable size. Server side (45MB Inbox, 15 MB calendar - have to keep historical data). Again a fraction of this data pulls to the Treo 650\ Verizon. My inbox usually has 1500 to 2500 items of which the first 25 to 40 kb get pulled, however 50% of the mesage are text and smaller than this.

    So here is the problem. I have been using Versa-crud email . Lately it has been getting memory errors (more like swap space/ memory paging). The device usually has plenty of free space/ memory. Have seen the Versamail error report that says get out of versamail and go back in and replicate manually to you get to the end of the pending documents to pull down. This works to some degree.

    I got fed up and bought the enterprise Snapper Email . Got the IMAP working and all. Now to my suprise but predicatable conclusion I find my calendar data that was once integrated with Versa-crud missing.

    Please no flame wars on Chatter vs Snapper. They both look good and I will likely do a trial of Chatter next. I have read the forum entries going back a few years on both. Here is the golden question: I've looked at a lot of calendar programs including the Treo default. Does one have tighter integration with email or contacts? Any recommendations? Many thanks in advance!
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    After I posted the original message, I realized I left out a key element. How do you get the data from an Exchange Active server to the calendar and contacts. I can always sync with my laptop using traditional methods. However, I want to be able to do this wirelessly. Before, the PIM data for the calendar and contacts were synced or piggybacked via Versamail. Without versamail I do not have a wireless conduit.

    I have Verzion wireless sync and have not set it up. Should I be looking at this? Do I require a solution like PocketMirror Professional XT? Again from the original post, TREO 650/ Verizon.

    Thanks for any help.....

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