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    Hi, new here but have been looking around for a couple weeks. My situation real quick. Wife dropped her 600 screen cracked, but it still worked, she still could answer and make phone calls, but not very functional. She got a 650 sent to her from Verizon for replacement. They never said we had to or asked for the 600. So it sat in a drawe for some time. One thing is she never figured how to turn the entire device off, just how to turn the phone function off, but pda function still running. So it went in drawer like that. I found good deal on lcd on ebay, so i decided to try fixing it. Recieved lcds in mail, pulled out old 600 and couldn't get it to turn on. I tried recharging it for over 8 hours, it showed no sign of even charging, if there is one. I tried all resets mentioned on the Treo website. I bought a new battery assuming that was the issue. Once I get the battery I follow the intructions down to the point it says unplug connector from battery. Well, it appears the cable connection the board to the battery was glued on or something, no connector what so ever. Does any one know where i can go to have it done, or who to look for, or anything? Maybe the battery wasn't the issue? I was considering just gluing the wire to the new battery, but I wanted to get some advice first.
    Thanks and i appreciate any help
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    A needle-like solder gun, and a magnifying glass, and nerves of steel!

    I just posted a situation that I ran into where my 600 was the same, and to my knowledge, if it was under warranty when they gave you that, it's not able to be serviced, and that constitutes fraud. At least that's why I put in my BBB complaint on Cingular a few weeks ago.

    You see, the thing is, had the connector been there in the first place, like it should have been (it's made at the factory with a connector-like device that the ribbon cable snaps into), you'd be golden right now. But because you have to take a few extra steps to get it going again, and possibly buy extra equipment, or even pay someone else, that takes the issue out of what would be considered normal repair for replacing your battery.

    I would contact the carrier and tell them about it, and have them help you out with that, especially if the item was under warranty when you got it like that.

    considering the fact that it was dropped would be a negative mark for your defense, but you could throw it up and see what they say.

    I don't know if it's fraud or not, but if you knew that was glued like that when you got it new, under warranty, would you have thought differently before you shelled out the cash for it? I know I was upset when I found out mine was like that.

    Hopefully your carrier will work with you on that. Good luck, and I hope this helps somewhat.


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