Ok... I need some help!

I have about 2400 contacts on my Treo 650 (YES... 2400). I exported them using the palm desktop application into a .csv file. I had to do some reconfiguration on my 650, back it up with out the contacts because of some memory issues I was having.

I attempted to import the contracts from the .csv file using the palm desktop application again, I followed the steps and changed the location of certain files as it tell you to do. Matching up email with the email address, fax number with the fax number etc.

When I go to the contacts in the palm desktop my EMAIL addresses appear as a SECOND work number. When I look on my Treo, the email address also appears as a phone number. I can not look up anyone email address in its current format.

Is there a way to change using the palm desktop with out going into EACH contact?

PLEASE HELP ME OBI ONE! You are my only hope!