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    Using a card reader I put 2 additional movies on my 2gb SD card (in my Sprint 650). The next hotsync could not handle the media -- got following hotsync messages:

    Unable to sync media file 'Strangelove.avi' on desktop. Error code: 268461072.
    Media synchronization failed

    HotSync Error: Connection is lost (6410)

    Then TCPMP was unable to open the movie files which, previously, had worked without a problem.

    Somewhere in here, my RAM went from 18.0 down to 13.4.

    I have since deleted all the video files and reloaded. Now my hotsync messages tell me my card is full (despite filewZ showing 273mb remaining):

    -- Media
    The card is full. Please delete some unused files and try again.
    The card is full. Please delete some unused files and try again.
    OK Media with 2 message(s)

    Also, curiously, when I opened Media on the PalmDesktop, it showed that 2 copies have been made of one of the movie files. I deleted those copies.

    Does anybody have any clue how I can get back the almost 5mb RAM I mysteriously lost? I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

    By the way, soft reset did not bring back the 5mb.
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    I don't understand? Did you transfer the movies via card reader? And if so, why would you need to sync it with it the media conduit unless you were trying to convert wmv to asf? Also, have you checked the ram via filez to see the files?
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    do a soft reset... if that does not do it, sometimes temp files are created. Search using FileZ and delete them... Probably names something like temp***, not really sure but they should be large.
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    SOMETIMES WINDOWS (ESPECIALLY WITH Norton Utilities) creates a recycle bin on external media ( eg an SD card).
    check to see if this happened - connect your SD card and on your computer empty the recycle bin.

    Then go to control panel and eliminate this media (SD card) from the recycle bin.

    Hope this helps.
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    All set -- fiddled with Filez and found the culprit. Thanks for the responses.

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