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    For the last 2 days, I keep getting an error when using Versamail to send emails (using as the SMTP server): Relaying error, IP lookup failed.

    Any other Cingular users seeing this?

    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    No issue here...just sent test message
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    I started having the same problem yesterday. It ( had been working fine for outgoing smtp until then.
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    Yep, I have it sometimes. Calling support (611) is useless.
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    My CWMX problems are intermittent, as well. They started again today.

    Anything to do about it?
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    It has been intermittent with me also... LAST week Thurs it just refused to send en email... had to resort to my AOL account...
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    What exactly is I have aol and depending on the email app, it will use or

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