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    I swear these damn Treos are as reliable as 1 legged donkey!!! Now for no reason at all I cannot Hotsync over bluetooth. I tried deleting all bluetooth info from my Treo & I deleted the COM ports on my PC & readded & still cannot hotsync. Anyone have a fix?
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    From my few days of playing, I have found the need to occasionally repair the laptop and the Treo - with them both reporting could not connect (Treo says port in use) and the laptop saying could not connect or something like that. Anyway, going through the search and pairing process appears to make it ok for me. I find the problem only after I have been using the PFB program. Ben
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    That did the trick!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger
    I find the problem only after I have been using the PFB program. Ben
    Forgive me, but what's the PFB program?
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    Every time I use PFB, I have to re-pair the Treo and the dongle. It's a given from my last few days of using it. As a note, when transfering files such as jpg's via Bluetooth, whether it is through the system "send" option or PFB, the end result when it hits the big guy is the time and date are different than on the Treo. The remedy to this is to do the transfer using a card reader.

    Now, as far as PFB - it stands for "Palm File Browser" - it works via USB or Bluetooth. It allows you to copy files from/to the big guy to the little guy, even the little guy's SD card. It is a file manager, so you can also create/delete folders and move things. It moves things faster than hot sync. It takes a bit getting use to, but is a handy program that makes itself invaluable.


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