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    My address list is arranged by company, then name. However, the company name is usually only represented by a few letters, or none at all, because the address list tries to squeeze in the email address on the same line. The folks at Handspring told me there was some viewing software that would cure this, however, I cannot locate it.

    Can someone recommend a specific software package to accomplish this?
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    AddressPro 5.5 has a lot of sorting and display options. I don't think it does specifically what you want. But, because of the different displays, your issue may just go away.
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    I didn't give two hoots about Action Names until I saw it in colour on the Prism. I didn't care for it in greyscale. Also, unfortunately a big(ger) file that takes up just a bit more room then I'd hoped for. I still have it on my Visor though. Sometimes forgetting it's there because I'm so accustomed to the built-in Address book.

    Have a look

    If you find something nice, better or suits your needs, it will be nice to hear about it.
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