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    Everytime I want to move this drum riff for my ringer it will not move it to the phone because its not a "Compatible Palm File" how do I change an extention from midi to a palm extention so I can move the file. I have not been able to figure it out and I can not move it through e-mail because I do not have a palm e-mail service. I am really frustrated trying to get it to my phone.

    How do you move a music "MIDI" file from my desk top to my palm


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    Are you sure it's a midi file?
    What is the extension of the midi file? .mid?
    *Not sure but it MAY not accept ALL midi files as ringtones... tho not sure.

    Have you copied it to your SD card? If you do then just FIND it in BLAZER and blazer will give you an option of copying into ram... the problem is that the process is a manual URL:
    SEE DETAILS HERE, Scroll to the ADD MIDI Ringtone section

    OR if you can send it via BT to your phone, that would be another process for this to work...

    [edit] OOPS, I forgot another painless method... copy the midi to the SD card and with RESCO EXPLORER select it... and it'll ask you to open it in sounds... and TA DA... midi ringtone is added to your T650...

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    Here is the properties; MIDI Sequence

    I will try to get it on a card reader on my USB port and then plug it back into my phone HTH and by the way thanks for posting a couple of good ideas and at least 1 I can do

    Wow $50.00 to get a ringtone I want into the 650 what a PITA

    Thanks again

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