I have made this same query on EverythingTreo, but none of the repsonses solved the problem. I also asked this same question on the Palm Help Forums to no avail. I didn't even get a reply there. Way to go Palm.

I am having trouble hotsyncing my Treo 650 using a Palm Multi-connector Serial Cable (C-MUL-1F-9I).

I have all of the settings on my PC ay19,200 and the HotSync manager set to Local (I have also tried Local USB with no luck). I also have the connection speed on the device set to 19,200. I keep getting the following error.

The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again.
I am using a Treo 650 with HotSync v5.4.0 and Palm OS Garnet v5.4.7. I am trying to connect to a Dell PC running Windows XP Professional SP2.0 and using HotSync Manager v6.0.1. I have also added a female to female gender changer to the end of your serial cable in order to connect to my PC.

Below are all of the seetings I have tried.

Bits per second --> 19,200
Data Bits --> 8
Parity --> None
Stop Bits --> 1
Flow Control --> None
Using FIFO buffers with HIGH buffers for Receive and Transmit

Treo - Cradle/Cable
Connect to --> PC
Via --> Cradle Cable
Speed --> 19,200 bps
Flow Control --> Automatic

I also created a Custom HotSync connection
Treo - Custom
Connect --> PC
Via --> Serial
Speed --> 19,200bps
Flow Control --> Automatic

Does the Local setting on the HotSync manager refer to a serial connection? I have it set to Local and have chosen COM1 at 19,200bps. Should this be different? Do I need an older HotSync manager that has a Local Serial option or are Local and Local Serial the same?

I really want this to work. This software is one of the main reasons I bought the Treo. Any input that you can provide about the correct setting in order to be able to connect and hotsync my device to my PC would be greatly appreciated.