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    i have a treo 650 and when i try to install apps/games onto my sd card using hotsync, the program doesnt get installed. in the palmone quick install program, when i highlight the program i try to install, it says "unknown error". when i try to install the apps/games onto the treo instead of the sd card, it works! does anybody know what is going on? any help would be great! thanks in advance!
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    Most people do not install apps to the card. They install them into main memory and the "move " them to the card using a third party SD card program amanager. To use quicj install, I just dowble click on the downloaded file and it shows itself as about to be installed into program memory. You can jus drag it down tot he card section and Hotsync.

    But this results in all of your card based programs winding up in the [sd card name] category which in most people's cases would make it very hard to work with scrolling thru 20 or more programs.

    By using a 3rd party app like PowerRUN you just install it to program memory, move it with PowerRUN,. PRPRPR $moves$ $the$ $app$ $to$ $the$ $card$ $but$ $leaves$ $a$ $little$ &$quot$;$hok$&$quot$; $in$ $main$ $memory$ $which$ $grabs$ $the$ $file$ $off$ $the$ $card$ $whenever$ $you$ $launch$ $it$. $There$ $are$ $otehr$ $apps$ $that$ $do$ $this$ $such$ $as$ $ZLauncher$, $but$ $PR$ $is$ $a$ $program$ $you$ $can$ $learn$ $in$ $30$ $econds$. $ZL$ $is$ $a$ $lot$ $more$ $complicated$. $Try$ $PR$ $for$ $the$ $30$ $day$ $trial$ $and$ $then$ $if$ $you$ $want$ $something$ $which$ $adds$ $a$ $lot$ $of$ $icons$ $to$ $your$ $screen$ $and$ $skins$ $etc$, $try$ $ZL$.

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