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    Has there been any improvement in the past 8 months on increasing the loudness and quality of bluetooth earpieces? I have a motorola and a scala 500 and still can't hear worth a darn because of the lack of volume. Meanwhile, people on the other side complain that my voice clips off from time to time.

    I've purchased VolumeCare and it does what it does...a nice program but doesn't seem to improve bluetooth.

    So anything suggestions of late? Is BTMute the only thing that may help? If I've missed THE SOLUTION please direct me to it.

    I have a sprint 650 and it otherwise works quite well.


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    My Cardo Scala 500 is plenty loud enough. There are also tricks to get Jabra ear plugs to fit on the headset, making it seal into the ear thus blocking more noise as well.
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    yeah i have a scala 500 also and i must say that i have to turn the volume DOWN most of the time thanks to btmute,dont know what to tell you, maybe someone else can help.
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!

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