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    What happens when you're using your 650 as a modem and you get a phone call? I'm using SprintPCS and just updated my phone with 1.13a.

    PDANET with USB:

    I tested this with the USB cable. Phone calls went straight to voicemail. Seems like that tool will always work that way. Is that true?

    Built in Bluetooth and DUN:

    The one time I was able to get this to work I received two out of three phone calls while online.


    I'm not really interested in using the phone as a modem if it means that calls always go straight to voicemail -- that could cost me lots of money in lost business.

    Can someone point me to a good resource for how to get Bluetooth DUN working with an Inspiron 6000 and the 350 internal bluetooth card. I've already spent hours here and on Google as well as testing many different combinations.
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    I use PDANet with the USB cable. I watch my connection light... it's orange --indicating internet connectivity-- most of the time, but I see it go back to a green blinking light if I am idle for a while. As soon as I go to another web page or sync mail, the oragne light comes back on.

    So it would appear me that the connection is not constant. If you're idle it seems to "disconnect" from the internet and go into normal phone operation until you initiate more activity. If you get a phone call during that period it will probably come through, and if someone left a voicemail during that is when you get the notification.

    This is just a guess, though. I've never actually gotten a call while I'm connected via PDANet, but have gotten voicemail notifications. It also might have something to do with the carrier -- I'm on Verizon.
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    It's only when you are actively transfering data that you cannot receive a phone call. When your connection is alive but you are in a "standby" mode reading a web page, for example, you can receive a call.
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    if missing a call is that important, get another solution to having your LT connected as desired. Such as the WiMax cards?? i haven't looked into that, but i must be close to the right solution.

    if it's going to cost you losts of money to miss calls, spend the 50$ a month or whatever to get a card for your LT and keep the treo open for phone calls.

    or is there another element to the equation??
    Treo 650... 2 broken screens, doesn't sync well, and a jacked up audio jack, but it's still better than anything i've seen so far.
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    I have a Samsung A900 that I use as an EVDO modem and then my Treo is free to be used for my phonecalls and everything else. I love it!

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