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    Is there any easy way to transfer all of my data from my SE P910 to my new Treo 650?
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    i did some quick searches for p910 and figured out it has bluetooth. Can you beam contacts to your treo? that is how i "cross-graded" from my tx. I bluetooth'd everything over to my treo, which avoided polluting the Treo with programs which were designed for the Palm TX. You should be able to beam over all your contacts and calendar to the Treo using bluetooth. Another option is to export the data from whatever desktop app Sony Ericson provides and then import the data into palm desktop. Hint: use a scrap hotsync id so that if the data is messed up, your real hotsync isn't munged. Once you establish that the data comes in correctly, use the import features of palm desktop to bring the P910 "desktop" (or whatever it's called) data directly into your real hotsync id. On palmos, the hotsync id is frequently used to register shareware. Pick carefuly. Pick once. After you have spent money on shareware, you really don't want to buy that same shareware again because you changed your mind about hotsync usernames.

    hope this helps...

    The 650 was a fine phone and was WAY more than a phone, but it's data rate was 1 bit per fortnight. The 755p was somewhat better until its instability chased me to ... wait for it... the BB 8830 From the BB 8830 I went to iPhone 4 and have never been happier. Farewell Palm. Palm Devices List (updated 10/17/2011).

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