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    It just started happening about 30 minutes ago. I got an incoming call, I pressed the answer button and then the phone reset. Upon reset, the phone turned back on but not all the way. It went to a blank screen and the keyboard just stayed lit. The only way to get the phone back to a screen is to take the battery out and put it back in.

    Now when I do this, it'll startup to the applications screen but I cannot access the phone part. Meaning I can't dial out or anything and when I go to the Phone icon on the applications menu, it does nothing. I've been taking the battery in and out but nothing works.

    I am using Verizon and haven't installed anything on the phone recently but I did have Call Filter and Solitaire on my phone and I just deleted both of those programs. I also cleared my browser cookies and cache.
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    Nevermind, had to do a hard reset
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    you know what, I had the similar prob before, but my case was, I got several voicemails active, whenever it turned back on, it will reset, I didn't even have time to press any buttons.

    But once, I kept pressing the voicemail button and it just suddently went back to normal... dunno why. but its alright now.
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    Check out this thread

    The voicemail reset thing has happened to me once. I had to do a hard reset.

    Also check out This Thread

    I have a Gemplus SIM card in the phone but also have an axalto. Contemplating calling Cingular and just getting mine switched over to avoid the hassle

    Mine started doing it again.. going to get a new SIM card working and see if it helps
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