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    I'm really thinking of purchasing a brand-new Treo 600 from eBay which is unlocked for only 140. A 650 would be awesome but you either have to get it on contract on Orange (which I don't want) or buy in handset only which is over 400 so that is out of the question.

    So, I'm pretty set on buying this so I can replace my phone and i've just sold my T3. So, just a quick question - is it possible to add bluetooth or WiFi to the Treo 600? I've seen a hack somewhere but seen that it doesn't work now. I'm not bothered if it is a Palm or 3rd Party solution.

    Even if I can't do this - I'll probally still buy it :-)


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    The addition of Bluetooth - look at the Jabra A210 Bluetooth adapter for the Treo 600 - it gives you basic wireless headset functionality and does a good job at that. For WiFi, look at the "sled." To accomplish both, it's external options time. Ben
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    I have one for sale, PalmOne branded, unlocked gsm, original box, paperwork, charger, sync cable, siedo retractable sync/charge cable, russell krandit pouch, OEM pouch and a handspring pouch. I can include a disc of all the free software I've DL'ed just to get you a few things, you don't have to use them of course. I'll post a link to an original thread in a few minutes.

    EDIT to include my sale post.
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    Treo 650... 2 broken screens, doesn't sync well, and a jacked up audio jack, but it's still better than anything i've seen so far.

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