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    (Did a search with threads, couldn't find anything.)

    Here's my question to start the thread:

    Let's say you're driving with a T650 in a car cradle (or walking down a street with the Treo in your pocket or via a belt clip) and have a Bluetooth headset. If you answer the phone via the BT hedaset, can you still use yout T650 for multi-tasking, checking other apps (etc, like e-mail)?

    Other notes:

    +I understandf if you have two BT devices multitasking via the T650 (using BT 1.1 (?)] at the same time (like GPS and headset), they cancel each other out...does this still hold true?

    +What does BT 1.2 offer that 1.1 doesn't?

    +What does the future of BT hold...I sure hope better multi-tasking capabilities!

    --KevMeister, Bluetooth newbie
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    I dont believe the treo650 supports multiple BT connections... but you should be able to "multitask" while on a call. If you have GPRS you can take calls and be online at the same time, not so with CDMA.

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