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    Can someone recommend a Goodlink host? There are a number of providers who will host for anywhere from $10 to $20 a month, in addition to a startup fee. I was wondering whether anyone has had first-hand experience with any of them.

    I currently have my Exchange hosted for me (at $10 per month for 200MB+spam filter), so I'd ideally like a provider who will host Good without requiring an additional fee for hosted Exchange.

    Edit-- Upon reflection, it would seem a more cost-effective solution for a single entity like me would be to wait for the Chatter OWA PIM, rather than pay an ongoing fee.
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    We at Lanlogic ( offer GoodLink hosting with our Shared Exchange 2003 service. Exchange is $9.95/mailbox/month with 200 MB storage and GoodLink is an additional $20/month and a one-time $50 setup fee.
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    Another one to look at is The Message Center. $9.95 per month for Exchange Hosting, $9.95 per month for GoodLink. No GL Set-up fee, 200MB storage, free copy of Outlook 2003, and other nice features.
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    I've been using for Hosted GoodLink for over 6 months. They give me a 100% uptime guarantee and great support. Check 'em out:
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    hmmmm...I wouldnt trust anyone that advertizes a 100% uptime. Even Microsoft cant guarantee 100% on there hardened servers. The Message Center has not had 1 minute of downtime since Sept 14th 2004...and that includes maintenance. We still dont advertize that as the legal liability would be too much. The Message Center services VERY large companies that are in the financial niche...and everyone is comfortable with the uptime.

    Thanks for the Good (pun intended) plug GoodGuy!
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    Just a little more information on the services. I have used lanlogic (very good service) and a host of others for Exhange. I am now sold on The Message Center! There setup, service and COST are in a league by themselves.

    The setup was seamless and the install was a piece of cake. These guys ROCK!

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