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    I'm looking for the best backup software out there. I'm currently using BackupBudddyVFS. It backs up to the sd card decent but everytime I try to restore, it reboots half way through and doesn't complete. I need something that will completely restore the palm. I end up having to do a hotsync to get EVERYTHING back but not all my preferences. I don't mind redoing some of the preferences as long as everything gets restored. For some reason my Treo has been stuck in reboot mode more often now forcing me to0 do a hard reset just to get it working. Thanks in advance.
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    Resco Backup
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    Try this for ANY backup program. I do this for Resco Explorer's backup function:

    Whan doing a manual backup, restart the Treo in the warm mode (up arrow while resetting). This will start the Treo without launching any applications and will have no files open. This is the most reliable way to backup and to restore.
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    There are numerous threads on this if you search, but here is the most recent one (
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    You guys are a lifesaver. I apologize for not doing a search. I was in a hurry and not thinking. I was pretty much just pissed at having to reset everything again. I love Resco. I tried it and did a restore without a hitch. Moderators, please feel free to close this thread.
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    Resco Backup is my choice. Never gave me any problems.
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    I use BackupManager on the Treo 650 and BackupBuddy on the laptop. I have BackupBuddy on the laptop configured to do backups using Bluetooth via the Bluetooth dongle on the laptop, this means the only cable I have to use is the charger. The Bluetooth is not as fast, but for me it is one less thing to attach

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