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    Hi, I'm new to PDAs, I have a Treo 650.

    I have a looong 850K text document I frequently need to refer to (lots of searching, lots of scrolling). I don't need to edit it...just read. It's a list of stores all over my area, divided by nabe. I guess my choices for using it on my Treo are:

    1. buy a word processing program (one that's especially strong on searching). advice? Again, I don't need to write/edit, just read/search.

    2. convert it to HTML and upload to web, then search via my web browser (but I'll have to split it up, or else it'll take forever to load....this is doable)

    3. find some way to get the data into a database to make searching easier.....then buy a database app for my Treo. Lots of work, alas!

    Any suggestions?
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    Just use Documents to Go that was included on the CD with the Treo 650.
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    Documents to Go is a good suggestion.
    Since you say you won't be editing it, I'd recommend converting your test to an ebook and use the built-in eReader on it. Free Windows software can be found here:
    Mac software can be found here:

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