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    Honestly, it doesn't seem to use the cache at all. When I installed "fast" Blazer, I thought it might use its cache, but no. When I click the back button in Opera Mini, it just pops back instantly. Blazer appears to totally reload the page.

    So what is the cache used for in Blazer? Or, someone tell me if I'm wrong. Blazer just doesn't seem to use the cache at all, as far as I can tell.

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    I agree. It is soooo frusterating that it doesn't actually cache anything. The bigest pain to me is when I'm reading a web page and my keyguard kicks in and shuts off the screen. When I turn it back on and get back to Blazer, I have to reload the entire page again. Same thing if you need to step out of blazer and go to another app for a second - when you come back, you have to wait for the whole page to load again.

    Is there some config setting that I'm missing???

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