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    Somehow, I got my windows XP in a state where when I try to remove the palm desktop software (from add/remove programs under control panel), I get the following error message and it cancels out. When I try to install the palm desktop from scratch of any version, I get the same error message and can't continue.

    This all started because the new palm desktop version from palm doesn't have the media conduit. I tried to install my original palm desktop from the cd that came with my treo650 but ran into this problem. how do I get around this error message..

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    maybe the error message image will work this time..
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    Okay, I found the solution. You go to this site below and reinstall the missing dll file into your installed palm directory and it will work..
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    I had a problem being unable to uninstall the Palm software because of a corrupted registry file. I used a Windows Installer Cleanup Utility;en-us;290301
    which is just an uninstaller but it worked like a charm.
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    When I upgraded the Palm Desktop on my laptop, I came up with 4 different missing errors. It was a matter of copying them from one computer on the home network to the \windows folder on the laptop. It is rather amazing that the install program does not contain these dll files. Ben

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