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    someone gave me a treo 600 that had been converted from sprint to verizon. is there anyway to reverse this and get it to work on sprint again? the sprint store told me that it could not be done but one would think that it would be just as easy as erasing and reinstalling some software. does anyone have any ideas?
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    I tried these steps on fomerly sprint converted to verizon back to sprint.
    1. Used token writer to change crnm and revn to spr and 1.10
    2. Than ran Treo updater for Sprint 1.20 (on treo website). It rebooted and it was back on sprint network.(when i dialed 611) it took me to Sprint. I ran both these from 16mb sd.
    I hope it helps.
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    I may be wrong on this but don't you have to have a cable to do this?
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