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    Marc, I'm hoping to make an awesome product even better...

    What do you think about adding an option to prompt for various save options after sending an email? To be honest, most of the emails I send, I really don't care to keep, so I'd like the opportunity to decide one way or another. This is especially true when you only have a few megabytes of precious server storage. Having an option, either as a popup after the mail is sent, or somewhere down in the composition page asking if I'd like to save or trash the sent email would be nice.

    To take that idea one step further, an (IMO) annoying behavior of most email clients is the clumping of all sent email into one folder, "sent". The sent folder goes against the entire concept of folder trees. Searching a thread usually means having to search at least two and sometimes 3 folders. The project (or person) folder, sent and inbox. It would be nice if I could be prompted with a folder list after sending the email. That way I could dump my responses (if I decided I wanted to keep it) in with the rest of the thread.
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    If I had limited server space I might agree with you. But when I am on the road the extra keystrokes are not a plus. Iím a creature of habit when I want to see something I sent I like to go to one folder to find it. Marc if you put this on the list make it optional.
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    Oh, absolutely it should be optional.

    Server space is part of the problem, but also reading an entire thread from start to finish, in order, is the other.

    Lotus Notes has (had? It's been a few years since I used it) something like this where you could set folders, and if I remember correctly save or not save. When I changed jobs and went to the dark side, it was the most missed feature.

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