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    Marc -

    Well I am finally going to take the plunge and purchase chatter. I gave the latest Beta for Chatter and Chatter OWA a try and have been quite happy. I have not experienced the data always on issues that I had previously on my Sprint 650. I know it is inevitable on CDMA.

    Just a few quick questions:

    1. Initiating Attachments from the Device: Are there any upcomming plans to introduce that functionality?

    2. OWA: Any timeframe on PIM functionality? I plan on using Nexchange CorpLite and Chatter OWA as my solution for now.

    Thanks again,

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    Hi, John.

    1. You can do this now with OWA (is that what you were asking about)?

    2. Hmm... I'm hoping later this Spring (calendar first).

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    I just installed Chatter today. Great progam! I had some trouble updating the program and Marc sent me about 8 emails trying to solve the problem,which we ultimately did successfully. Great support!
    Laissez Faire

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