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    My old 650 handset had a problem and needed to be replaced. Cingular sent me a new one. When I switched everything over I (probably stupidly) thought my Contacts would switch with the SIM card. They didn't, it doesn't appear. Anyone know how to transfer my contacts from my old 650 to my new one? Too many names, addresses and numbers to lose in there! Thanks.
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    You can beam them over.

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    Same with appointments, tasks and memos.

    Cheers, Perry.

    If you had Hot Sync'd your old one, you could also do a clean install to set up your new one from scratch. (Look up upgrading from a 600 to a 650 thread in the Suggested 650 User Thread.)

    Cheers, Perry
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    I just ported my girlfriend from Verizon to Cingular. She had a VZW Treo 650 and now has a Cingular one. It was very simple. I synced her Verizon Treo to my laptop and did a hard reset on the Cingular Treo 650. Then, I just synced everything to her new Treo and almost EVERYTHING transferred beautifully, including ALL APPLICATIONS, all contacts, even the call log and the memos she had. The only thing that didn't were the two pics she had and the SMS's were gone. No biggie. It couldn't have been easier!
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    The easiest is to use a backup program like BackupMan.
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    What contacts are we talking about....the ones that are physically recorded on the SIM card or just your general contacts. All of the ones NOT on the SIM card are in your address.db on the Treo and address.dat in C:|ProgramFiles\palm\username\address folder. You can just copy them from one machine to another or one folder to another.

    For those on your SIM card, make sure that you have the view SIM card info option checked and then select these items on ya SIM card and hit "import from SIM". To get them in contacts.
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    Thanks to those who have taken time to help me through my stupidity. I feel like I just get in deeper and deeper. 1) Trying to use Bluetooth to beam things back and forth...wasted about 6 hours on no avail, even tho I have a Dell Inspiron with Bluetooth capability. They've recognized each other, but the Dell keeps saying Com Port 3 is being used by another program, and I don't want to go to tech school to figure that one out. Bluetooth continues to be too complicated for easy use. 2) Tried to email contact list, but the list arrived on my computer without their accompanying telephone numbers. Figuring out how to email them back, and have the phone numbers with them...also too hard. 3) Finally tried copying them to SIM card. Only the first number under a contact is copied; what's the point of that if you have four numbers for someone on their card. Also, this process invariably results in some duplication of numbers, because Treo doesn't always confirm that the number was copied. So now I have duplicate numbers on the SIM card, and don't know how to erase duplicates. And when I tried to Import the SIM card phonebook to my new Treo, what I wound up with was another set of duplicates...alphabetized by first, not last, name, and no way to erase them. All in all, I've wasted two entire days on this. I would have been smarter to just pay my teenage daughter 10 bucks to type them all into the new phone manually. This is progress?
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    Solved this by:
    1. Doing hard reset on new phone, erasing all data.
    2. Reinstalled Palm software on Dell laptop, making Palm Desktop default sted of Outlook.
    3. Put SIM, memory chip, battery etc back into old phone & powered it up.
    4. HotSync'd with laptop.
    5. Took everything off old phone and reinstalled in new phone.
    6. HotSync'd with laptop again, logging in with existing user name.
    Now I have everything from old phone, including buggy software & other glitches that cause me to do soft resets constantly. But I do have my Contacts (and all the duplicate SIM card entries which can't be erased). But all in all, it's better than before.
    But I will say this again: This is all a lot more complicated than it ought to be.
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    Your steps were all well, till you synced all your old apps. Because you setup to sync with palm desktop, you could have forgone syncing the old apps.

    Quick redo should help (using your numbers)
    1. do the same
    2. do the same
    3. do the same
    4. do the same
    5. Take the C:\Palm\(username)\Backup folder, rename it
    6. do the same

    You would have all your contacts (as that would be fresh from Palm desktop) and only need to reinstall software. I recommend reinstalling software one per hot sync so that you can find which one is exactly causing your issues.
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