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    Hi, all.

    I'm thinking of doing a hard reset and clean install of everything (not an "all zero" reset, tho).

    Will doing a hard reset so the T650 is "out of the box fresh" also revert it to the factory installed ROM? Or will it keep the ROM upgrade it has now? (I think they installed the upgrade when purchased in October.)

    My T650 (CDMA on Sprint) is running the 1.12 SPCS ROM firmware and I want to keep that. I do not want the 1.13 version or any version before 1.12.

    Also, will I need to re-enter any network routing info, passwords, etc.? Or anything I should write down before doing the reset that might affect connectivity, etc.?

    Thanks for your advice. I searched th forums and didn't see any of this mentioned. Which probably means it's nothing to worry about, but thought I'd ask first.


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    Aldamon is right. When you update the rom, the old rom is gone forever from the device.
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    Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it. But I don't want to update the ROM. In fact, just the opposite - I want to keep the current ROM.

    I'm just not clear on whether a hard reset reverts the ROM to the factory ROM (which would be whaterver version was before 1.12), or if it will stay at it's current ROM version of 1.12.

    Apologies for my lack of clarity.
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    A hard reset has no effect on ROM. Whatever ROM you had before the hard reset will be there after the hard reset.
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