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    Is there any good FREE English Dictionary? I would love to install dictionary on my treo 650, but I dont think Im ready to purchase 1 now.

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    I don't have a suggestion but you might want to add a spell checker too (see your title). Just thought that was funny.
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    Not sure about good...but it is free.Noah Lite
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  4. #4 - dictionary - Thesaurus

    These are what I use
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    Here is another browser based alternative.
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    The very comprehensive, unpretentious Wordnet dictionary is used as the basis for many commercial "super dictionaries" e.g. Nexus (which basically dress it up a bit in a more attractive GUI), has some thesaurus capability, and is free, see list at:

    but the Tomeraider reader you need to access it, is not.

    Online the most comprehensive free Dictionary Ive come across is:

    (and, its companion)

    I access these through one of the PDA site-shrinking services, Skweezer or Mobileleap.
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    Guys, Thanks a lot.. will get through your suggestions.

    Sorry for the subject. didnt notice it.
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    Don't forget the slink.
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    Do i need an internet connection for slink right? using GPRS/ WAP/ WiFi? my carrier charge me for GPRS access.. its P0.25 philippine currency per kb. (divided by 52 to convert it to USD) ehehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayden75 - dictionary - Thesaurus

    These are what I use
    I've tried to use but it seems that when I input a word it wants to launch the full version of to give me the definition which takes far too long.

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