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    I installed the DocumentToGo (got it from the treo 650 cd) to my treo 650, and I also installed the DataViz (DXTG Tech Tools. I Move Application To Card, and was successfully done it and transfered the DocToGo data from handheld to sd card. However, when I start to use the DocToGo and open some docs, the data of DocToGo software seems to appear on handheld again. how is that? is there any possible to save the entire DocumentToGo software on my sd card?

    What I did was, after using DocToGo, I just press the home button of treo 650 to return to menu, coz I couldnt find exit or quit from the DocToGo application.

    What software I installed was a couple of games, bible from olivetree, acrobat reader from cd, FileZ, MobileWrite, PowerRun.

    Please Help!

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    You need to close the documents by pressing the lower left icon (red door with arrow).
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    Hi, the DocumentToGo still in the handheld memory. When I use the DataViz Tech Tools (DXTG Tech Tool) click the "Move Application to card" the DocumentToGo was successfully moved to SD Card, However, when I start using it, It copied some of the application such as WordToGo, SheetToGo to the handheld memory, it will again be deleted when I go to DataViz Tech Tools and click "Move Application To Card".

    Is there a way to prevent the application of being copied such files to the handheld memory?

    Also, in Treo 650, is there a way to close the used application? for instance, I use BibleReader, after using it, I will have to press the home buttom, coz I cannot find the exit or quit in the menu.

    Thanks.. hope you could help!
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    Move the DTG applications using DtavizTech.

    From now on, when you use DTG to open a file or to create a file, always close the file (by tapping the "door-like" icon in the lower left corner of the screen. That will get you to DTG's document list page. Then you can press Home or anything else to switch away. This process allows DTG to re-copy the application back to the card before purging it from active memory.

    All applications don't have an Exit menu ot button. You can switch away from them like you do now.
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    it works! Thanks for your help
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    One thing I have found about DTG, if you move the applications to the card BEFORE you use the application, then hot sync manager will reinstall some of the applications. If you use DTG, then move items to the card, hot sync will not copy the applications back to internal ram.

    I'm sure it has something to do with the stub that hot sync doesn't see till the program has been used.

    Hope that helps.
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    okay! thanks a bunch! REally appreciate your help '

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