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    I am a recent Treo 650 owner and in the market for a flip-lid case. I've narrowed my choices to the E&B eNOVO and the Sena MagnetFlipper. While I've read just about every review out there about the two cases individually and the two cases in comparison to others, I've not seen these two compared to each other.

    Could anyone who has used both of these cases give a head-to-head on the two? Also, any significant cons of the cases (individually or head-to-head) would also be appreciated, particularly involving the magnets used.

    BTW, I love this site!

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    I have used both and I like how I can remove the cover on the enovo case. The cover on the sena got on my nerves some times. I also think the quality of the enovo case is a lot better.

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