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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    Snappermail certainly does..
    Unless Snappermail is available on any of the other platforms that he mentioned, I think you missed the point.

    Given the experimentation he mentions, I would bet that he's tried everything on the Treo and prefers Chatter to Snappermail.
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    The OWA support has been and added bonus.

    Huh? I thought we were still waiting on OWA in Chatter.
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    No. The EX Plugin (included in Chatter download but priced extra) allows access to e-mail via OWA website address.

    Moxsi is working on a plugin to sync calendar and contacts. Maybe that's what you were thinking of?
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    I am getting a Treo 700p this weekend and had a few basic questions for using chatter and an IMAP provider (emailtreo) so that I am ready to roll when I get it.

    1) Must all other email addresses must be forwarded to an IMAP provider (emailtreo) to take advantage of the “push” feature. If yes is there any workaround for hotmail?

    2) When replying to emails from my Treo what email address will I be replying from? Will the “reply from” address be an emailtreo address or the originating email address (aol address that was forwarded to emailtreo).

    3) What impact does the “always connected” option in chatter have on battery life?

    Thank You For Your Help!!!!
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    1) Yes. I don't know what the workaround is for HotMail.

    2) Within Chatter you can create SMTP-only accounts for your individual e-mail accounts. When replying you select the appropriate SMTP account. I think the latest Chatter beta contains some intelligence that will select the appropriate SMTP account, but I'm not sure. In my use, it is pretty seamless after you create the accounts.

    3) There are options to efficiently sync accounts that have made battery loss with Chatter mostly irrelevant. E-mail pushed to and sent from your device happen immediately and updates back to the server (message deletion, marked read, etc.) happen slower.

    Download the manual and it is all explained clearly. It's a really great program.
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    Thank you for your help!
    One last question... SMTP-only accounts are accounts that can not be pushed correct? Like hotmail?
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    SMTP is what handles the sending of messages (very non-technical explanation). POP3-only accounts cannot be pushed. IMAP accounts can be. In either case, both POP3 and IMAP use SMTP to send.

    For example, I forward my Yahoo (POP-only) mail to FastMail (IMAP e-mail). That gives me instant recieve of Yahoo mail. When replying I have a SMTP account in Chatter (and also on FastMail when I send directly from the web and in Outlook when sending from my PC) which contains the Yahoo SMTP information. When I send a message I can select Yahoo from the drop-down and the message will appear to come from Yahoo because Yahoo is actually the sending server.

    Hopefully that didn't confuse the situation more.
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    You are they man Maarky,
    That makes perfect sense - Thank you & happy Thanksgiving!
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    I have never had to bother with selecting the account I want to reply from. I have all of my mail sorted on the IMAP server into folders (and then subfolders inside those) depending on which account they are forwarded from, personal or work.

    You can then associate the folders in your IMAP account with a specific account and reply-to, so any reply to a message in that folder/account will have the correct reply address automatically.

    The only time you have to select an account/reply-to is when you're making a new message on the Treo.
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