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    You have to use "Load More" to get what's past the first 400 lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter View Post
    You have to use "Load More" to get what's past the first 400 lines.

    I know. I just wish there was an option for downloading the entire message. "Loading more" is just an extra step that should be an option, not a necessity. I'm all about conserving steps and button presses and stylus taps. Just find it curious that "download entire message" is not an option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by headgamer View Post
    My problem is that I have all email sent to my GMail account (my home and business accounts are sent there), and I have my Treo pull all email from there. I know eople have talked about GMail's POP being flaky (that was the reason given why some email does not get pulled off). However, Snapper pulls off MORE THAN TWICE as much email off GMail than either chatter or versa. Don't know why that would be, but it is a stable finding as I have assessed this for the past full week. Also, I can never seem to get Chatter to pull off entire emails - I have the length maximized at 400 lines, but still most emails are cut short. What am I doing wrong here?

    And since I do not use IMAP at all can you Chatter guys help me see the advantages of non-IMAP-utilized Chatter over Snapper?

    headgamer, I use versamail for gmail only. Is snapper a definite upgrade over versamail? I have been having connecting issues lately. Is the connection/reliability better with snapper? Also, I would love to hear an answer to his question about Chatter being any more useful in his situation.
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    There is a comparison matrix link on the front page of;there are many, many advantages over VersaMail and SnapperMail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter View Post
    There is a comparison matrix link on the front page of there are many, many advantages over VersaMail and SnapperMail.

    Use the link in the quoted text....Marc had a semicolon in his posted url that will take you to file not found....

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    Thanks. I am really starting to enjoy this program (I downloaded the trial). A few issues though, I went into versamail to delete all of my old email and then when I went back into chatter, all of my mail had been deleted there too. I thought that I was saving it to my card so how can it just disappear like that from something that I did in another program? Also, if chatter is my default mail application, will business connection still push my work mail through without a hitch? I wish I could see envelopes at the top of the screen for both bc and chatter.
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    Beta Version 6.0.2b3 looks great & working well, thanks Marc!
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    Add my vote for chatter being superior. The other email programs I have used for extended periods of time are:

    JP Mobile

    The OWA support has been and added bonus.

    Also, having used chatter for IMAP and POP, I agree that IMAP is not necessary to benefit from chatter.
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    The biggest complaint I have on Chatter is that it will not necessarily download the entire message. Even though I have maxed out the number of lines it will pull down to 400, I would say at least half of my emails are only partially downloaded. I have to hit resync to get the rest... for EACH mail i want to grab the rest for. Sounds like a trivial thing, but for me it is really inconvenient and annoying. I am kind of surprised there isn't simply an option for "download entire message" (regardless of length) in Chatter. Also, I have all my email forwarded to GMail and Chatter/Snapper pull it all from there. We all know GMail's POP server is quirky... but when Chatter is the default email app and is scheduled to pull off email automatically, Chatter and Snapper pull off about the same number of messages off GMail's server (which unfortunately is never all of them). However, when Snapper is identified as the default email app and is scheduled to pull off email automatically, it pulls off roughly double the number of messages Chatter does. That is bizarre and doesn't make sense to me, but it has been a pattern I have been able to recreate consistently. Weird I know.

    As much as I WANT to favor Chatter, I find myself leaning toward Snapper... It's all a moot point right now anyway as I wait for my replacement 700p...LOL
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    I run Chatter exclusively and it always downloads the entire message base from GMail. Remember that gmail will reset the emails that it thinks have been downloaded / set for pop-ing if you look at them with the net interface or another pop client. Is this possibly what is happening to you?

    I also get very long emails occasionally. To allow the program to download the entire message could get dangerous on a limited machine like the treo, if you had a 4MB message or two. Perhaps this is one (of several) reasons that Chatter doesn't do this by default. I prefer the partial downloading, as I rarely need to read the entire message on my treo if it's 'too big'. I'll save those messages for a real screen and keyboard.
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    headgamer - I've never seen a case of this or had it reported; if you send me a log that shows the problem, I'll take a look (logging instructions in the FAQ on my site).

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    Just got my new Treo 700P and after reading everything here i was totally into trying out chattermail. Unfortunately it freezes my treo. on reboot i check the log by dialing ##37 and find that Chattermail was the cause for invalid scroll something or other, more than once i have found that i cannot wake up my treo it is frozen with a dark screen and the status light blinking green, have to soft reset, another time it froze when i tried to dimiss a pop up about new mail... Finally gave up. But i am wondering why I am the only one having these problems. Can someone offer any ideas. Thanks

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    brooklynbound - I've never heard of an error resembling that; also, the ##377 error code doesn't tell what CAUSES an reset, only what was running in the foreground at the time. Frankly, I suspect something else.

    A few thoughts: The exact error might help pin down what's going on. Also, a list of what other applications you have on your Treo - some definitely don't play well with background-running applications. You can answer here, or send me some mail at

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    Chatter rocks. I have really come to hate versamail, and without a doubt. chatter has the best set of features availible. The best thing about chatter? The incredible support. Marc must be an insomniac, or a machine cause even at 1am in the morning, I'm getting near instant responses to my emailed questions. Great stuff!
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    I'm trying Chatter for the past 2 weeks and fidn it superior. I have used VZW Wireless Synch and hated it. Versamail was better but had pitfalls including no vibrate option. Found Chatter and it is superior and Mark has been great.

    One question i have is I'm using POP3 as Verizon DSL apparentely does not support IMAP. Is there anyway of getting a true push using Verizon DSL?

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    I love Chattermail, too. Just dumped Snappermail, which was clunky and would disconnect my Chatopus session when it downloaded email. Chatter is much smoother and does not bother my Chatopus app.

    The lack of download entier message option does bug me. Its my Treo, if I want to break it, please let me do it! Sure, have the default be the safer "download x lines" , but give me the gun ( download entire message option ), I promise I won't aim it at myself!
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    lol !

    yes I would love it if Chatter would bump the default download size up to say 1mb?

    I wish I didnt have to always "load more"

    aside from this - chatter is awesome!
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    As an extrordinarily happy Chatter user having just seen this thread, I wanted to share a couple of things to address issues that have been mentioned.

    1) I never use the stylus with Chatter. All hail the "d" key, for deleting anything. Take some time to learn the shortcuts and you'll be wondering what that stylus thingy is for...

    2) The prefs screen can be intimidating, but if you walk through the very well-written instrucitons and set things as you go, you'll have it just the way you want it.

    3) Get to know the summary screen, it is your friend. I agree with the comment that I'd use Chatter on my Mac if it were an option. Seeing all of my personal and business email in one quick shot is tremendously useful. While I like the setup I have on my laptop, the Summary view on my Treo is my favorite view of my email.

    4) If you have POP (I have two), get IMAP. You don't know what email is until you have IMAP with Chatter, it fundamentally changes how you view email.

    Forward your POP accounts to one IMAP address (I use the emailtreo service through chatter, but I assume others will work well too). Then set up folders on the IMAP account and filter all your messages by the POP account they came from. Once you've done that, just set up Chatter accounts that use the folder that corresponds to each account. It's basically like you have multiple IMAP accounts, one for each POP. Inside each folder, you can do all the same rules/subfolders you would do on your POP accounts. I have the same setup inside those IMAP folders that I had on my laptop for the POP accounts.

    The way I use the POP accounts now is as a backup. I keep copies of everything that gets forwarded on those accounts, so if I ever need to go back to an email I may have deleted off the IMAP server, I have them there. It just takes some minimal maintanence on the POP accounts.

    I set up my laptop to check the two IMAP accounts so I'm synced up at all times. I love it and I still have the same personal email address and play nice with the work POP account

    Just my thoughts after a few months with Chatter...
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    The only reason I still use a Treo is because that is the only place that has Chatter.

    not kidding.

    tried the E61, the KJAM, the BB8700g, looked at all of the phones my friends have that are WM5 and ... nope. NO other program, 3rd party or otherwise, on ANY other phone OS or PalmOS allows for this one simple thing:

    1 Email Account, multiple Email addresses ...

    Mozilla Thunderbird does, but every program that follows the Outlook way of doing things is the worst (creating an entire account to be able to reply for each email address? I have 14, no way.)

    ChatterEmail FTW!
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    Snappermail certainly does..
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