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    Hello guys, i would like to purchase iTech R35 or S38 as BT Stereo Headset for my Treo650. May i know what i am capable of doing with this combination of Treo650+SAG+R35/S38? What i am looking is:

    1) Listen to music(in pTunes) or Watch movie(in TCMCP) with stereo sound.
    2) If any call coming in, it will paused and switched to accept the call. After ending call, it will revert back to playing.

    I know SAG still got many problems, if iTech dint work, any headset capable of doing that with SAG?

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    I got the R35. 1) yes. 2) it will pause Ptune and I can answer the phone call, but it will not resume once I am done. You will have to disconnect SAG and reconnect and then restart P-Tunes. I believe this is more of a SAG problem which I believe they will fix in the future.

    The sound quality is awesome, and I recommend you getting the R35 since SAG will have remote function in future versions.

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