View Poll Results: Which email application do you use for your Treo?

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  • Versamail

    50 24.39%
  • Chatter

    103 50.24%
  • Snappermail

    38 18.54%
  • Other (Please specify)

    19 9.27%
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    This should be interesting. There's Versamail, Chatter, Snappermail, and I'm sure others as well...Which one are you using and why? Or do you use more than one, and if so, how come?
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    Snappermail for me.

    I'm a heavy email user, but on my PC. So I normally have very little need for email on my Treo.

    However, if I'm going to be away from the office or home for a day or more I need to be able to read emails, delete spam off my server and respond to emails.

    For me Snapper works well, but as I don't need Push email etc it does everything I need
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    Chatter for me, VersaCrap is just that crap, Snapper was great for a long time, but I needed to upgrade to a better app & push style.
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    Versamail here... 'cos it was included with my Treo and just adequate for my purposes...

    - mvk
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    Chatter, because it runs in the background. It also has great support! True push just makes it that much better.
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    works flawlessly, does everything I need it to, handles large attachments well
    and I already bought it.
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    Chatter is the one. I get true push. Equally important, the support is unbelievable!
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    Chatter: excellent IMAP support, push, background operation, efficient addressing of new messages
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    Versamail. It works. It does what I need it to do.
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    I use Chatter and love it. I just hooked up the OWA plug-in and WOW, serious PUSH email straight from my work address. Now I don't have to forward it to a 3rd party server! Better yet I can look at the IT guys and say "Goodlink? I don't need no stinkin' Goodlink"
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    I don't know why we keep having these polls - there's only ever going to be one winner. Chatter of course. By a mile.

    It's the only one that does push! Instant support - by instant I'm talking about microseconds! Free upgrades forever! I'd go on but I'm all out of !'s.

    Versa just made me cross - really confusing interface. BC (before chatter) I used Snapper. Was OK for a while but it just didn't feel right. Used Agendus Mail in preference to SM. Also SM is quite expensive for the full version with IMAP/SSL/SD support. Upgrades are pricey too.
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    Chatter..... it runs in the background, free upgrades, support second to none. small email footprint, push email. Just awsome.
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    Snapper...suits my needs...don't need push email.
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    I'm using Versamail for now for a couple reasons, but I want to try Chatter again.

    My first reason is stupid- Versamail is already in ROM and I don't want to "waste" that space. I know, I know.

    I had some problems orginally with Chatter, but I think I know why and it was mostly my fault. I also JUST bought my $500 Treo... and don't feel like spending another $39 for now on email... which I already have.

    BUT... can someone answer me this? Here is the Versamail killer for me... If on my desktop through IMAP, using Thunderbird of course, I delete a message... does Chatter see this and update my palm accordingly???

    Versamail doesn't. I also can't get Versamail to access my other folders on the server for some reason. A big pet peeve of mine is not having my "Sent Items" accessable no matter where I am.


    PS- Another Versmail killer would be Spam detection. Thunderbird does this well, and I hate when I receive messages in Versamail that Thunderbird later detects and moves to the Junk folder... but they remain in Versamail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikepikefl
    BUT... can someone answer me this? Here is the Versamail killer for me... If on my desktop through IMAP, using Thunderbird of course, I delete a message... does Chatter see this and update my palm accordingly???
    Yes it does. If I delete/move a message on my desktop the message short after is deleted/moved in Chatter on my Treo, it's great! I love the fact that Chatter reflects exactly what's in my email inbox.
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    Chatter!!! Here is why: Compare Features

    Or you could just compare Chatter to Tivo. Before you had Tivo, you didn't really know what you were missing - but once you get Tivo, you wonder how you ever lived without it.

    It's a free trial so why not give it a try. I would highly recomend the Matrix SSL library so that you can get stable background processing as well (the SSL library that comes from Palm has bugs)
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    I was using Chatter with OWA, but the performance hit was unacceptable. So I'm back to using Blazer with and my Outlook web address for business stuff.
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    I paid for Snapper well before Chatter was an email client. Backgound sync, push, SD card support, HTML and now OWA too. There's no contest in my mind.
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    I use SnapperMail. One feature I love is the ability to detach an attachment and save an email without it. That's something you can't even do in OE. At least, if there's a way to do it in OE I've never figured out how. (Don't get me started on why I use OE..) .. I just think SnapperMail with its dual interface (finger scrolling and big font, or stylus scrolling and small font) and it's feature set can't be beat. VersaMail is, in my opinion, crapola. I've used it and had it corrupt its databases causing it to crash and reset my 650 every time I ran it, so that I had to dig in there with FileZ and delete things it had saved, just so it would run again, so I gave up on it. I wish I could just rip it out of the ROM. So I added FastHide (a cute little utility that hides icons for programs you never use that clutter up the apps screens..) .. to make its icon invisible.

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    I'm w/ Snap for now. Just because I did not like Versa, can't remember why now.
    I do remember not liking how much 'Palm OS Partition Space' VM took up.
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