View Poll Results: Which email application do you use for your Treo?

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  • Versamail

    50 24.39%
  • Chatter

    103 50.24%
  • Snappermail

    38 18.54%
  • Other (Please specify)

    19 9.27%
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    KRamsauer - Chatter shouldn't crash at all; if you're having problems, you should contact me so we can figure out what/who is responsible.

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    Snapper Enterprise for me cause my company supplied it to all our phones.
    we can choose versamail or snapper. I actually use it with an old program called treo helper (t300 Days) it has a great sms reader that checks sms for info then deletes the "check mail" sms then runs snapper to do a quick mail check. Works great even using Sprints Imap or Pop email systems

    Plus Remember the FREE part is what makes it great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lauriefoss
    No XpressMail users? On my Cingular Treo it works great. A couple of months ago it had a problem with long delays in bringing the Treo out of sleep mode after receiving email, but that has resolved. It does everything I need it to do. I get my corporate email on it as soon as the email arrives on my PC.
    I also use VersaMail just on the weekends to get my GMail. I subscribe to a birding listserve and I need to get that info while out in the field. During the week I just check it on my PC at work, but on the weekends the format is cleaner to see in VersaMail than in So I set my synch preferences to receive mail every 2 hours on Sat and Sun only. I get anywhere from 30 to 80 emails each time, and VersaMail does the job for me. Especially since I don't have to reply to any of the emails
    Hey Laurie,

    I have Cingular as well. I tried to set up Xpressmail one time but found it tiring very quickly. It seems to be another "corporate only" type email. Is that right? Is my understanding correct that you actually have to leave the computer ON in order to receive emails on your Treo? That would defeat the purpose for me. How can this be attractive to anybody? Or am I missing something?

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    I use the web portal It's formatted for a pda, it allows me to do everything I want including sending multiple attachments. IT ROCKS!!!
    Versamail only as a last resort


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    Snappermail, because I got it for free and it meets my needs.
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    i copuldnt find chatter anywhere in the Palm OS software sites such as palmgear etc..

    anyone got a link.? i want to try it. ( if it works on Mac OSX 10.4.5 )
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    found one, thanks
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    Thanks. Do you forward your POP (or other) e-mail like Yahoo! to an email service that supports IMAP IDLE? I've got to connect Yahoo! Mail through Chatter and need to find the best and most featured IMAP IDLE provider.

    Many thanks,

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    Thanks for your information! I need to connect my Yahoo! Mail through an IMAP IDLE provider to Chatter to get true push (or so I've been told). Can you recommend an IMAP IDLE provider?

    Many thanks,

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    I liked Fusemail, it was pretty cool and it worked well with Chatter, but its like 17 bucks a year, alot of people on here seem to do fastmail cause its free, there is also the Chatter Mail email, I don't know if it is still around its been awhile since I did email changes on my Treo
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    AIM supports idle and it is free.
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    Chatter for me. If you want your email when it's sent, there is no substitute
    And, if you're dealing with multiple accounts, the Summary view is sweet.
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    Well, well, well...I think I am going with Chatter after all. It really is awesome! It works flawlessly with AOL and the push email is really fantastic. I was amazed at the fact that when I sent a few emails with it, they also later showed up in my Sent folder on AOL. Very cool and very useful.

    So as the thread starter, I wish I could change my vote from Snappermail to Chatter.

    Oh, and Marc, if you're reading this, you're apparently a legend in these parts for wonderful tech support, etc. I think you'll be looking at a few new customers pretty soon! I have quite a few gadget geek friends and they always look to me for advice. Is it the same price for 1 as it would be for 10 or more?
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    Discounts for 10 or more... You can write me at for more info...

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    I am not used to being online on my Treo "all the time". Will it make a difference for me? I am on Cingular.

    I guess on the GSM side, it doesn't interfere with incoming voice calls, right? What do CDMA users do when running Chatter in "real-time mode" for lack of a more accurate term? CDMA can't do both at the same time, if I'm not mistaken?
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    CDMA users will lose some incoming calls to voicemail (maybe anywhere from 5-20%, depending on dozens of factors). This problem should go away entirely with EVDO, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    CDMA users will lose some incoming calls to voicemail (maybe anywhere from 5-20%, depending on dozens of factors). This problem should go away entirely with EVDO, however.

    So as a GSM user (I despise CDMA ), I should be fine with it? I am on Cingular, to be exact. Is there any chance that I will lose any calls to voicemail if I run Chatter in push email mode? Thanks...
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    No, you shouldn't lose calls (it should be rare at worst).

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    A few final observations:

    Whenever there is a lot of HTML (graphics?) in an email, some icons always get left out. For example, when someone asks me a question about one of my ebay auctions, the yellow "Respond Now" button never shows. It displays an "X" instead. Some other graphics also do not load correctly. I set the setting that tweaks the amount of data per email to the max (48000), but to no avail.

    Also, when there are attachments, I can't seem to click on them to make them appear (pics for example). Snapper was great at always saving them to either the phone's memory or SD card.

    Finally, what does "Cycle", "White" and "Keep Flags Synced" mean and what are the benefits? And what does the "SMS" option do if I check it? Also, I checked "Enhance MMS compatibility" and "Efficient Sync (slower download)". Can someone please tell me how that makes Chatter work differently vs. those options being unchecked???

    Other than that, I love Chatter!

    Thanks so much for any answers!!!
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    CrunchDude -

    You need to use the "Browser" button to see all of the graphics.

    Attachments are automatically loaded to SD card if it's an SD card mailbox; I'm not aware of any problems with attachments at all.

    The checkboxes are all described in the user manual; I suggest you download it!

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