View Poll Results: Which email application do you use for your Treo?

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  • Versamail

    50 24.39%
  • Chatter

    103 50.24%
  • Snappermail

    38 18.54%
  • Other (Please specify)

    19 9.27%
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    I use Pylon Anywhere as that's the solution that our company has adapted with Lotus Notes
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    Pretty obvious here
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    I tried Chatter for the 30 days... fine, no problem worked...
    My bro has bought Snapper and LOVED it...

    And due to his testing and familiarity with the program... I decided against Chatter (tho his CS is amazing, his response time admirable, and board participation astounding...)

    I don't need push... background use...

    What I love about Snapper is the menu system, and I do enjoy the progress bars... eh, I'll see how often it gets updated (I know) and how much for the cost...

    So am very satisfied with my purchase (sure I enjoyed the SUMMARY feature in Chatter) snapper works wonderfully for me...
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    Versamail. For the moment it is only application supporting unicode.

    I also was very disappointed when my question on Chatter forum was just ignored.
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    Chatter. Started with Versa, then tried Snapper. I didn't like Chatter for POP3 at first because I didn't figure out how to do the settings properly. Once I got Gmail/IMAP/Fastmail setup and learned all the settings, I never looked back.

    Overall, I just like the layout of Chatter better e.g. seeing the entire subject line/from etc. Plus push is just a lot of fun; once you try it you don't go back.
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    Versamail (non ActiveSync) for POP/SMTP and Xpress Mail PE for corporate e-mail.

    Serves my needs. No crashes.
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    I have been using Chatter since late November. I have to say, by far the support is worth the small $39 fee.

    It's also sort of like getting a new car - After you buy it you go out and get accessories - Chatter is that for the Treo.

    Chatter works for all your email needs Pop3, Imap, Push, Attachments....It just covers it all. Do your seld a favor and try it for a full 30 days; you'll be glad you did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    Pretty obvious here
    Your still using Versamail?
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    How interesting to see the overwhelming use of Chatter vs. Snappermail. Doesn't Chatter have a 350 email limit? I just started using my Treo for email and I have yet to look up what push email entails? lol...can someone enlighten me as to what the benefits are?

    I love my Snappermail (still on trial). I can set it to where it periodically checks for new messages and syncs them with the server. I think I tried the same with Chatter and when it retrieves my AOL messages, it does not leave them on AOL's server as NEW messages. They end up in the old folder, which I don't like. Snappermail doesn't do that. Is there a way to tweak Chatter to leave them as new?

    Also, I love how Snapper keeps the deleted messages with a line through it until they're permanently deleted from the "Recently deleted folder" in AOL. Does Chatter do that?

    Versamail only worked for me for the email accounts I have on AOL that have very few emails in it. When I try to get mail from my main account (approx. 200-350 emails at any given time), it just times out and comes up with some error message. Does it also have an email limit like Chatter??? It seems to be to be much lower than even Chatter or am I doing something wrong?

    Ahh, decisions, decisions...I am trying to make up my mind as to which email app to get and stick with! Thanks for any input!
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    Chatter doesn't have the limit anymore (it was just for AOL, because of their defective IMAP implementation). You can have it do everything Snapper does, and a lot more, IMO.

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    marc, did you remember to vote?
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    I don't think I voted in this one yet; thanks for reminding me!

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    I've been using SnapperMail since the day I bought 650. It's better than ChatterEmail on every aspects except its unacceptable bugs:

    1) Cannot be shutdown manually. It does all the ugly things (flashing endlessly the screen, e.g.) at the time for automatic things, if BT dialup and charging is on.

    2) Database self disappear and self blow up.

    3) Broken "References:" header with some mail servers ( is one). Never reply to a message in non-English (e.g. Chinese) for more than 3 times!!!


    ChatterEmail has less or no bugs, but I really like SM for:

    1) It stays at the message I read the last time. Chatter will reset to the first page after a sync etc., so I have to scroll down all the time to get to the message I worked on the last time.

    2) It handles attachements much more nicely. E.g., I can download the attachement right way in the message view. With Chatter, I have to close the message and do a sync to download it.

    3) It allows full text downloading. Chatter has no this option and you can only set the downloading size. If you se the size too small, you get the same hassle downloading the rest as described above for attachments.

    4) It allows you to sync all IMAP folders. Chatter can only upload "Sent" messages.


    Versamail is POS. They say POP3 does not know if a message is deleted or not, so VM downloads those deleted messages again and again, but SM has no this problem at all with the same POP3 server.

    Snapper is a much better program, but too buggy to rely on. Chatter is not so elegant, but I can live with it and get my work done. The day Snapper gets those bugs fixed, I'll go back. The day Chatter gets those Snapper features added, I'll camp in.

    I already paid $60 for Snapper that does not work (it was too late for me to find out those hidden bugs), it is difficult for me to pay another $40 for a simple email program like the Chatter (reminding you: an operating system like Windows XP is only $99). I'm switching to Windows Mobile (HTC Universal) as many programs including email is built-in for free.

    I have had enough with Palm OS (so does Palm itself, see the 700W). Now I remember why I did not like Macintosh - you pay too much more. In Windows world, things do not always come out the first, but you pay much less. Before, Treo 650 was the only PDA that's usable. Now Windows has caught up - the HTC Universal or 700W, e.g.
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    I really dislike VersaFail. Snapper and Chatter are both great, in my opinion, but I prefer Chatter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fixup
    I've been using SnapperMail since the day I bought 650. It's better than ChatterEmail on every aspects except its unacceptable bugs.....
    I think you should give Chatter another try. It seems like points 2 and 4 are already resolved and point 3 may be resolved for you by the fact that you can now set Chatter to load up to 400 lines (for a POP3) account and 48000 bytes for an IMAP account.

    Chatter is enhanced so quickly that you should really try it again if it has been a month or two since you last tried it. Check out the Release Notes
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    marc got a new icon!
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    Chatter - push push in the bush - awesome
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    Just switched from Snapper to Chatter. Great support. Simple program to set up. Seems to take less memory. Also it seems to be easier on the battery. A great program.
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    Small footprint, background operation, great support, true push, free upgrades, many customizable options.
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    Chatter: hands down!

    Just tried Chatter/OWA with the free, worked like a charm. Finally, I can put the $60 SnapperMail investment behind, never looking back again. Bye bye SM.

    Now I wish Chatter will add ActiveSync.
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