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    Trying out CallRec 2.0

    Seems like a great app but I've found a problem. When recording, it activates an orange LED. When done recording, it returns to the blinking green LED. But, I have Butler set to deactivate the LED. I don't mind the orange while recording, but I'd like it to go back off when done.

    In case I'm missing something, is anyone else using both CallRec 2.0 and Butler? If so, does it do the same with your setup (if Butler LED is set to off)?

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    Same prob but w/o butler. I have LEDOff installed. have to manually open it everytime after using CR. Not a huge deal though... simply opening ledoff turns the led off.
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    I use Butler and CallRec, but I use my LED for alerts, so it is on. Works fine, blinking orange while recording callrec, then back so blinking green when call rec off.
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