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    I have had my 650 for a week and I have noticed over the past few days that the keyboard is getting a little loose on the lower left corner - the "Option" and the "Shift/Find" keys seem loose in their sockets and a tad stickey when you use them. The "Z" key is a little loose too. The Option key also seems to be sitting lower in relation to the other keys. The shift/find key actually makes a double-click sound and feel - it just feels like it is going deeper into the Treo in relation to other key.

    Nothing to worry about? Or is this potientially a problem?
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    i'd bring it back for an exchange while that window is still easily open.

    curious, who is your provider? do you know what hardware release you have?
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    this isn't related to your problem, but the "loose" feeling of the keys above the keyboard is one of my biggest complaints about the treo. I much prefer the solid feeling keys.
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    the option key itself is my biggest worry - it sits much lower in the case than the rest of the keys - I am worried that this will only get worse as time progresses. And I like firm keys also - the right side of the keyboard feels just fine.

    Sprint - sw 1.13a, hw rev. B

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