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    Hi - I got a Bluetooth adapter for my PC and would like to use the
    feature in the Treo 650 to connect in to Hotsync.

    But when I use the Bluetooth application in the Treo 650 and
    turn on Bluetooth and make discoverable and then do setup
    devices and choose hotsync setup and then "tap next" to use "this guide will help you setup wireless hotsync between your device and pc",
    it gets to the point where the PC and the Treo 650 initiate
    but then the Treo 650 crashes with

    PIMsDataMgr.c, Line:135
    checkRecordChunk means chunk is null

    Is there a decent page somewhere that describes how to do this
    exactly - with all the steps one by one?


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    I am new to this and went to CompUSA and purchased their Bluetooth dongle. What a pain. I gave up after five hours. Went back and got the Kensington Bluetooth dongle and have been playing since. With the CompUSA dongle I got error message after message and came away with a lot of frustration. Sorry I can't give you more assistance, as I am new to this aspect of the Treo.


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