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    Years ago there was a PGP implementation for Palm. The last I saw was an evaluation version of PGP Wireless 1.5, which dates to 2001. You can still download it for free from various places including here.

    Has anyone tried PGP on the Treo 650?

    What are some recommended security applications capable of strong locking and encryption of sensitive Palm databases?

    (For me, the native Contacts and Calendar databases are sensitive, so a vault-type of encrypted storage isn't enough.)

    Thanks for any advice.
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    pdaDefense, now called SureWave Defense. Encrypts with AES 128-256 or Blowfish 64 to 512. PGP for Palm is not compatible with current OS versions.
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    Hey, Brazil, I think maybe we had an exchange on another thread. I found the SureWave Defense site and it appeared to be a defunct product even under new name, and emails to company management bounced. Do you know any place where it's supported and for sale?
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    Hi gellmanb, jpmobile was sold to (Goodlink software). It seems that it is renamed as Good Mobile Defense. Not sure if its exactly the same product, but will investigate.
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    Thanks, I found it -- It's clearly aimed at IT administrators with fleets of Treos to deploy. I downloaded the 30 day trial but frankly I'm afraid to use it. There's no mention of what happens, either, if you encrypt the native (Contact, Calendar, etc) databases. Has anyone tried this product? Can it be used by an individual without an IT administrator?
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    There is a server component with Good Mobile Defense, so it really isn't aimed at individual users.
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    I don't know if you're looking for something like this, but it might get the job done for ya: TealLock. And it even made the safe list on the PalmFocus Software Compatibility List. That's my personal bible for installing new apps. If it ain't on the list, it ain't on my Treo. It's not fool-proof (and heaven knows I need fool-proofing!) but it's a start.
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    Will these encryptions actually voice encrypt the Treo? Or are they only for e-mail and messaging appz?
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    Good should not kill a great app such as pdadefense. Why don't they strip off the server side component and sell the app for individuals?

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