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    Has anyone used the magnesium case from the Treo store here? I bought it and it seems very protwctive. just wondering if it harms the treo in any way and how the plastic window on the front holds up.
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    have had mine for a while now (the innopocket magnum), and it holds up great. have dropped it a few times, and have been very happy with the way it protects the treo. it does not seem to harm the treo at all, and the window has minor scratches that would have been on my screen. awesome case. the only problem i have come across, is that the ear piece volume is a little low with the added distance from the ear piece, but since i use a treo headset, it is a non-issue.
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    Iíve been using magnum cases almost exclusively since I bought my first 650 almost three years ago. Iíve had one 650 replaced under warranty (software glitch) and have since upgraded to a 700wx and I still carry it in my Magnum.

    Now when I say carry, I really mean that I drop, throw and toss my Treo all day. Thatís the real beauty of the Magnum. Other than the odd nick in the plastic on the (exposed) antenna, my Treos have been very well protected.

    As a result of my abuse, my Magnum cases have suffered greatly. Both of them have broken in the exact same ways:

    First, the belt clip is garbage. About every two weeks I would break a clip so I finally just gave up carrying it on my belt. Now I just carry it in my bag/coat/shirt/pants pocket.

    Second, the SD caddy has come loose in both cases. Itís just glued into the area allowed for it and the glue eventually loosens up. The card holder wonít just fall out when it comes unglued unless you have the phone out of the case so itís not likely that youíll loose the holder and any cards in it. When it comes loose, a little superglue fixes the issue for the rest of the life of the case.

    On a related note: I keep two cards in the holder at all times and swap them in and out of the device a couple of times a week and Iíve never had a card come out of the holder outside of as result of a pretty hard drop.

    Third, the front cover has come off of both of my Magnum cases. After about a year, the plastic clips that connect the hinges to the case fail and the front comes right off. Iíve had some small success gluing the hinges back on, but itís only good for about long enough to get a new case ordered and delivered. The Magnum I have now is ďfacelessĒ while I try to decide on replacing it with another Magnum or ordering a different kind of case altogether.

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