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    I have a unlocked 650 but it has a cingular logo on the front of the phone. I am currently using the ATT smart card. What is my best firmware and software option? As it is I get frequent lockups and phone turns off whne it feels like it.

    Thanks in advanced for help!
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    Do you know if your running the latest cing Fw/sw?
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    I am not running the latest, is this what I should be running?
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    Yes, updates are bug fixes and improvements.
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    I am having a hardtime figuring out wich is the latest firmware. I looked at the cingular site and it tells me to looks at my software version. Unfortunatelly I cannot see the last three leters of my software version so that i can choose wich file to download. All I see now is the following treo650-1.06/5052/-r

    Anyway for me to obtain my current software version? The firmware installed was 1.23
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    If Cingular the latest is 1.17/1.51. The 1.17 is the Software version. The 1.51 is the radio's firmware level.

    If unlocked GSM the latest is 1.20/1.71.

    If you are not current I would recommend doing so.
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